Wall Between You and Me

Every time I step up towards our relationship but your stubborn heart resist you to move on I have a robust feeling towards you which help me to stay But now, I am setting aside the memories which has become the wall between you and me I think he is just avoiding things which will... Continue Reading →

Trustful Girl But With Stubborn Heart

I am a girl to whom you can rely upon in your distress I have come from the unsophisticated place but with the transparent heart I am not a girl who manifest all the things as a positive vibes with the handsome grin My mind accept the things as it is look like but the... Continue Reading →

Oh! Why a wonderful weather

Oh! Why a wonderful weather Although I wanted the same I remember every moment with the single drop of rain I remember all the mess ups Every time I deciphers me from the unusual past But sometimes little things remind me about the same Oh! Why a wonderful weather Although I wanted the same The... Continue Reading →

Oh! Why a wonderful weather

Oh!  Why a wonderful weather Although I wanted the same   I remember every moment with the single drop of rain I remember all the mess ups Every time I decipher me from the unusual past But sometimes little things remind me about the same   Oh!  Why a wonderful weather Although I wanted the... Continue Reading →

Creativity Is Not A Process

When I am alone, I always want to unleash my potentials which have hidden in my mind. Do something unique from other one is creativity. Creativity can be done by anyone. What you have to do is just to think out of the box. It is more inclined towards the person who thinks beyond the... Continue Reading →

Love with Limits

Love is yours as long as you respect each other !! Love is believable as long as you trust each other !! Love is pure as long as you care for each other !! Love is infinite as long as you have to show interest on each other !! Love gets enhanced as long as... Continue Reading →

Red Rose

It blooms bright It shines right It smells alright.   Symbol of love it is, Found in old books And in every nook.   It serves as a book mark, It makes its Mark.   Reminds of the first love Pure like its petals and, Fresh like its stem And harsh like its thorns.  ... Continue Reading →

The New Girl In The Office

Travelling long for 2hrs all by herself and ignoring all the mischievous surrounded her in metro she reached her workplace. Heartbeat almost rose up making her realize that she is kinda nervous for her new phase of her life her job. It was her time to earn now, earn for her family and make them... Continue Reading →


Aye kayi zindagi mein Na mila koi aapsa Aapka jo aandaz hai Vo hai lajavab saa Jab mila aapse toh Vo toh ekk khwaab tha Maine soocha savara kal mera Par tumne savara mera aaj tha

Kaayi Dino

Kaayi dino se baat thi dafn dil mein Aaj keh Jo di hai kitna sukoon mila Kaayi dino se dur the Jo tum itna Aake mile ho gale kitna sukoon Mila

Jo Bus Meri Aaj Chhutt Gayi

Kuch waqt tera intezaar kiya, Aate dekha toh khus hua, par Haath Hilakar reh gya main, Tu andekha Kar chali gayi, Daudaya tune apne peeche, 3 minutes Yun, ke sadiyan beet gayi, Phir Kya tha main jaa lauta, Apne pehle pyaar ke pass, Har 3 min mein aati hai Jo, Chhodti nahi hai kisi ko... Continue Reading →


Koi umeed khwaish Tamanna hai hi nahi Main dekhta Hoon Kal vo Jo hai hi nahi


Duniya mein sabse hasee Kya hai, Dekhna unko aur muskurate rehna


Bohot sukoon se rahte the andhere mein, Fasaad paida hua roshni ke aane se

The Sky Shall Cry

The pale of light falls on the novel I was reading The pale of light falls on the poem I'm writing I closed the window but there's a sudden thud Oh, I left one window open I've closed, all the doors now except the one I am sitting by the cold of trees with profoundness... Continue Reading →


My feet touch the shore, The sea touches the shore, I meet the sea at the shore, She's so calm and I anything but the shore, Sea left me for the shore, For love is unbiased and pure.


A ravishing beauty Tangled within hair strands The lover's duty To uncurl with hands Touch skin softly Extremity of the finger Lovers think deeply Its satiety or hunger?


You A simple rhyme That stayed Through time Tough, strong And Lunt I smoked You blunt

Kaayi Baatein

Kaayi baatein hain kehne ko Chlo Chodo unhe rehne do Main dariyaa Hoon khayaalo ka khayaalon ko khayal hi rehne do Dekhlo aur andaaza laga lo mera Band kitaab hoon band hi rehne do Sapne dekhta Hoon neendon mein Mujhe neendo mein hi rehne do Bohot aate Hain kal dikhane vale Dikhave Hain Dikhave hi... Continue Reading →

Another Poem

Words haven't changed In similar tone arranged Something should be strange, The poem sounds the same You're not impressed again But this doesn't hurt Your greenness pains


As I exit from the last gate of the third last compartment of the metro which opens right in the front of the staircase adjacent to the elevator and I use this trick to avoid the crowd. So, after departing from the metro I stand for a while to wait for the crowd to pass... Continue Reading →

The Bell

The door’s closed, I have locked myself out of the house, and it all happened suddenly, when I was drinking my coffee and enjoying a light read as the bell rang. I kept the book in my arms and with the cup moved towards the door, no one is there as I open the door... Continue Reading →

The First And Last Novel

It is the first time I'll read a novel, in my entire life I haven't touched a novel or a book except my course's book though it's ironical that I haven't read them too, so technically I'll read a literary piece for the first time. As I sit to read my first ever novel, I... Continue Reading →

A Room Is Not The World

I've been this room from the start itself but i'm yet not comfortable in it. No one disturbs me and never did, except me. These walls are known and unknown at the same time. These walls have a horizontal pattern with only three colors; black,white and grey. Which to my constrained knowledge symbolize; the day,... Continue Reading →

नज़ारे कुछ थम से गये, लोग कुछ जम से गये, नजाने इस भाग में क्या नज़र आगया। बहारें कुछ रुक सी गयी, आँखें कुछ झुक सी गयी, नजाने ये बेशर्म किस से शर्मा गया।

नशे में हूँ इस बंद कमरे के इन् चार एक रंग की दीवारों में सारे रंग नज़र आते हैं देखते देखते इन् दीवारों को घंटे बीत जाते हैं पता नहीं चलता की कब बारा तीन बज जाते हैं सुबह ना हो तो अछा है अब फीकी सी लगेगी सुबह इस के आगे न होगी भाग... Continue Reading →


Looking from the corner of the terrace, he thought he'll end up dead if, he'll jump. So he started thinking of a suicide note: that'll voice his reasons for suicide and his inner turmoil. While thinking he began to write " I couldn't accomplish anything in life. I wanted to be so much and how... Continue Reading →

I Died Yesterday

I killed myself yesterday. I'm not that me that I used to be yesterday. I'm in a me that isn't me that you have known to be me yesterday. I've been dead since last you saw me yesterday. I've detached myself from all that used to matter to me yesterday. I'm born today and just... Continue Reading →

The Question

The door was open, as they searched for him, in the morning. No note, no nothing was found and there weren't any fights that could have potentially been the reason behind his escape. As inquired they got to know, he had left in the morning at 5:30 a.m with nothing and was wearing a plain... Continue Reading →

My Mind

I'm seized By my own limits By my own boundaries I've been always unorganized in an organised manner I am a feeble mind with the heaviest thoughts Maybe that's why I'm so broken Confusion has always leads me to a more confused state of mind I strangle on things that I've thought and I tend... Continue Reading →

It Used To Be

It used to be love We'd stand together Hand in hand It used to be affection We'd eye each other Hand in hand It used to be that place We'd used to stand Casting spells; that magic wand I saw her there With another man

Loosing Self

Loosing slowly I can't find myself Broken pieces of glass is what I try to join, A mirror Searching for self in broken glass Loosing all in a blink again Gathering thoughts that make me going I haven't found such thoughts in a while What can I do? Just afford to fake a smile

My Pen

She didn’t talk to me for a while And I haven’t been there since I’ve moved so fast, even I can’t trace Now I look back And she hasn’t moved an inch I’ve lost so much in these years She hasn’t since For a dream I pinch When can I take her, in my hand... Continue Reading →

The Writer Who Couldn’t Write

The 17th notepad was opened and the same pen was used: moved the same hand, in the same motion giving words to the seventeenth story in two days. A page filled with blue ink and a page filled with cuts, strikes and overwrites emerged for the seventeenth time. This was the limit! The optimism was... Continue Reading →


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